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Kitten’s price (Pet use only): Starting from 1600 USD + GST/PST(12% tax).

*Please notice, we do select people to be our kittens’ new parents. Please take a survey so we can know you before you join out waiting list.

*Please be polite when you find us, or we won’t respond to your message, thanks.

All kittens will be vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered before they go to the new home.

Our kittens go to new homes around 14 – 16 weeks old.

Price including :

Basic health checks, 2-3 sets of Felocell 4 vaccinations, deworms (2 Drontal, 1 Revolution) spay/neuter, 1 shot of rabies, TICA breederslip and 2 years health guarantee. + new parents guide + new parents gift box kit.

We will sign the contract and will give the kitten’s parents’ genetic test papers (PKD N/N Lab report without blur) to the new owner before they go to their new home.

Breeding Rights: Starting from 3000 USD + GST/PST(12% tax)

*Please notice, we have to know you first, we do not give breeding rights easily. so please introduce yourself and tell us what’s your plan for your cattery. We are not going to give you the breeding rights if we do not have a similar breeding philosophy, breeding is serious and it’s not a joke. We do not sell breeding rights to individuals, you must register CFA/TICA or other associations’ cattery and have the basic cat knowledge before you find us.

About shipping: USA & Canada only.

We can deliver kittens to their new home in the Vancouver Canada area.

We do not have any kittens available for now, to be able to join the waiting list, a 200 USD non-refundable deposit needed, also before you join the waiting list please provide me with your name, city, contact information, budgets and what kind of kittens you are looking for (female/male, patterns, etc.).

What type of new parents we are looking for:

  1. Must have pet insurance for your cat.
  2. Able to provide them with a good, stable, quality life.
  3. No declaw/tooth removal/ vocal removal surgery for your cat!!!

Contact Us

Breeders: Kinsley Wang & Kristin Tang


Instagram: Polairecats

We prefer you to DM us on Instagram.

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